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Double Happy Hour

Double Happy Hour 

4pm to 7pm Monday to Friday

11pm to 1am Monday to Friday


Booze Specials

$5 Beer of the Day, $6 Wine and $5 Rack liquor with a soda or juice mixer 


$10 Food Specials

Tenders, Hummus, Quesadillas, Fish Tacos



The Basket House Band

Every Saturday Night

Starting at 9pm. No cover Charge. 


St. Patrick's Music Schedule

Sunday March 15th at 8pm



Monday march 16th at 9pm

Duffy's Cut


Tuesday March 17th 12pm to 12am

Various Irish Musicians all day. A true Seisun. 


Wednesday March 18th at 7pm

Duffy's Cut


No cover charge on March 15th, 16th and 18th